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GRACE : GIS/T Resources & Applications for Career Education

Students should have successfully completed the Required* ESRI Virtual Campus courses to qualify for intern activities. Please upload your Esri Certificates.

* How to document the completion of virtual campus courses with no certificates offered?

When you upload your certificate, please name the cetificate file as the full course'name with your name instead of the default name (index). (eg: Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro_YourName.pdf)

The maximum number of file can be uploaded in this page is 10, so if you want to upload more than 10 files, you need to merge your files into one file.

* If you DON'T want to use a gmail account or set one up, you can email your training records to geog_geol@emich.edu. Please name the eamil subject as Certificate_YourFullName.

Upload Your Certificate Here!

GRACE Intern Story Map Submission Form

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